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Subskribe was founded on the belief that using great software shouldn’t require complex workarounds, extensive training, or expensive consultants – it should just work.

Our mission is to make quoting, billing, and revenue recognition not just painless, but delightful for modern SaaS businesses. We’ve designed a quote-to-revenue platform that helps sales, finance, and operations teams grow and scale revenue seamlessly.

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Meet Our Leadership

Subskribe was founded in 2020. Since then, we’ve recruited world-class leaders from companies like Google, Netflix, AWS, Apple, Microsoft and more.

Durga Pandey

Co-founder and CEO

Durga is CEO at Subskribe and an official member of the Forbes Business Council. In prior jobs, he led product management for core products at Zuora (subscriptions and orders), Google (Chrome Payments) and Salesforce (IoT Cloud). He was an early employee at Palo Alto Networks, and he earned an MS from MIT.

Yibin Guo


Having the great fortune to be involved with computers from an early age, Yibin has been writing code since the 4th grade. From the early days of Logo and Basic on a 286 with floppy disks to later writing distributed systems at Netflix and AWS, the passion and sometimes obsession has always been there. Prior to Subskribe, Yibin was engineering director at Instacart and Zuora.

Prakash Raina


Before starting Subskribe, Prakash led the Business Technology team at Okta, where he scaled Okta’s business systems from handling $100M to $1B in revenue. Prakash’s experience focuses on defining the quote-to-revenue process for B2B SaaS companies of all sizes. Prakash's dream is to make enterprise back office operations seamless, cost efficient, and scalable.

Our Investors

Subskribe is backed by some of the best institutional investors in the world and leaders at some of the most iconic SaaS companies.

Todd Ford

President & CFO, Emeritus
Coupa Software

Tim Wan


Daniel Dines


Kate Rouch


Marty Vanderploeg


Hoang Vuong