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Subskribe CPQ is purpose built for fast-growing SaaS companies with enterprise needs. With Subskribe, go live in weeks, create complex quotes in seconds, streamline approvals, and have metrics at your fingertips. Get a CPQ your team falls in love with.

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Grow revenue with a CPQ designed for execution

Fast time-to-value

Go live in weeks, not years, with a modern, adaptive CPQ.

Maximize revenue

Create winning deals in 30 seconds or less.

Easy to use

Start using Subskribe with virtually no user training.


Subskribe scales seamlessly with your business, from startup to IPO.

Low operating costs

Eliminate expensive headcount, integration, and maintenance costs.

Full data visibility

Get key metrics like ACV, ARR, and TCV at your fingertips.

Subskribe has been a great partner, enabling us to quickly operationalize pay-as-you-go pricing for our new SmallID offering. As BigID continues to scale, the ability to provide on-demand, consumption-based subscriptions is a fantastic compliment to our Enterprise offering.

Tom Murtaugh
SVP, Global Business Operations
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Enable sales reps to quote complex deals, effortlessly

Give your reps the quoting superpowers they’ve always needed but never had. Subskribe makes complex quoting easy, empowering your sales team with the most advanced CPQ platform and the ability to create innovative deals that close in record time.

Quote win-win deals

Craft multi-year ramp deals that maximize revenue while providing flexibility to customers.

Maximize rep productivity

Enable reps to create complex quotes in 30 seconds or less, without waiting for the deal desk.

Improve deal close rates

Leverage versatile discounting, detailed deal metrics, and customizable terms to close more deals.

Accelerate deals by taking the guesswork out of approvals

Subskribe enables you to go full throttle on deals with complex and transparent deal approval workflows that can be executed instantly. With Subskribe, time-sensitive deals won’t get stuck in approval limbo.

Set proper approvals

Design approval flows in seconds, based on deal size, discount offering, payment terms, and other conditions.

Track deal progress

Subskribe enables sales reps to preview required approvals during quote creation and visually track progress in real-time.

Speed up deal execution

Leverage Slack and email notifications to notify approvers of pending requests, and sales reps when deals move forward.

Quote any deal you can dream up

Say goodbye to creating complicated workarounds just to support the pricing you need. Subskribe’s product catalog natively supports any SaaS pricing model, so you can give your customers the deal they actually want.

Quote any pricing combination

Subskribe supports any combination of one-time, recurring, usage-based, AWS-like credits, and percent of total prices.

Maximize revenue with the right model

Optimize revenue by choosing between per unit, flat fee, volume, tier, block, and custom pricing models.

Grow revenue with resellers

Leverage reseller capability to grow revenue by unlocking this lucrative channel.

Put your best foot forward with a digital sales room

Collaborate with prospects through a customizable and interactive web-based sales room experience tailored to fit your brand. Eliminate the frustrations of back and forth emails and build a win-win deal together in real time.

Collaborate on deals

Empower prospects with the ability to work in tandem with Sales and adjust deal details including billing information.

Share key collateral

From case studies to eBooks to MSAs, deliver the critical resources that will help guide your prospects to close.

Measure engagement

See what deal details prospects are interacting with to better anticipate concerns and focus on what matters.

Subskribe CPQ features at a glance

Advanced quoting

Create complex quotes including ramp deals and amendments in 30 seconds or less.

Streamlined approvals

Accelerate deal close by streamlining approvals with approval workflows, groups, previews, and notifications.

Multilevel discounting

Drive the right incentives to craft winning deals with discounts at the order, product, and line levels.

Subscription management

Subkribe enables sales reps to easily quote upsells, cross-sells, and renewals. An order can be cloned in 1 click.

Customize order form

Easily customize order forms using master document templates, multiple predefined terms, custom terms, and branding. Export order forms in PDF or DOC.

Sales analytics

Get key metrics like ACV, ARR, and TCV at your fingertips, both on individual deals as well as aggregated across the business.

Deal terms

Define billing cycles (e.g., yearly), payment terms (e.g., Net 30), PO number requirements, auto-renewals, and more.

Powerful catalog

Offer one-time, recurring, and usage based charges. Price by volume, tier, block, and more.

Native integration with Salesforce, Hubspot

Import accounts and opportunities from Salesforce, and update metrics in CRM on deal close.


Send out contracts for signature with a native e-signature platform and have full visibility into the entire audit trail.

Sales Room

Collaborate with prospects through an interactive, web-based order form that can be customized to fit your brand.

Product rules

Define product dependencies and criteria with an easy-to-use and powerful rules engine.

Seamless Integrations

Easily import accounts and opportunities and sync metrics on deal close.

Import customers and deals and automatically sync back metrics on deal close.

Send quotes out for signature in one click with receiver details filled in automatically.

Accelerate deal close with Slack notifications for quote approval, deal close, and more.

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