BigID, headquartered in New York City, is a data intelligence and management platform that provides a robust set of tools centered on data discovery. As the Senior Vice President of Global Business Operations at BigID, Tom Murtaugh oversees the company’s operational teams, including the deal desk, reporting, and go-to-market systems.

To accommodate the high volume and complexity of their sales deals, BigID needed a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution that was able to streamline sales and pricing processes quickly and efficiently. The legacy CPQ BigID was using was not accommodating to the company’s unique sales and pricing needs, and it was also expensive to customize. "When I came on board, we were already partially through a CPQ implementation with a different vendor, and had probably another 9-12 months of implementation to go," said Murtaugh.

BigID’s CPQ "Deal Breakers"

Murtaugh and his team decided to find a better CPQ solution after dealing with these struggles. His first and most important "deal breaker," crucial in any CPQ he evaluated, was the ability to seamlessly integrate with key financial systems, especially Salesforce and NetSuite. 

After that, Murtaugh says his top criteria was the interface and ease of use of the platform. He and his team wanted the platform to be as frictionless and easy to use as websites like Amazon. The BigID team also considered the implementation time and total cost of each of the solutions, as these were major issues for the last CPQ platform used by the company. Finally, they evaluated the scalability of each solution. 

Subskribe is the Perfect Solution for BigID 

"One of the main reasons we chose Subskribe is its malleability," Murtaugh said. The ability to customize the Subskribe CPQ platform—without professional services—to fit BigID’s unique needs was a major shift for Murtaugh and his team. 

Since Murtaugh began working with Subskribe, he has been very impressed with several of its key features, which impact both the sales team and the business as a whole. "I have no doubt we'll generate at least six figures of additional revenue, just by decreasing sales cycle time," he observed.

These are the features and functionalities that made Subskribe a perfect fit for BigID’s CPQ needs. 

Handles any Complexity 

Subskribe’s quoting and billing platforms can handle all sorts of complexities in pricing, all the way up to enterprise scale. This allows customers to never have to switch to another platform. 

Cost Reduction 

Switching to Subskribe drastically reduces implementation, maintenance, and labor costs thanks to its unified platform and intuitive UX. 

Ease of Use 

Built by former Apple, Netflix, and Amazon employees, Subskribe is designed to be easy to use. The UX and UI are extremely intuitive, making training a breeze. 


In addition to its unified quoting and billing platforms, Subskribe is also easily integrated with platforms like Salesforce and NetSuite. 

Switching from a legacy CPQ provider to Subskribe has had countless benefits on BigID, from a higher ROI to a better experience for the sales team. "Every deal that we sell now goes into Subskribe, and so far it is going very swimmingly," said Murtaugh. 

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