Don’t let Salesforce CPQ slow you down

Stop wasting time implementing an over-complicated CPQ or building workarounds for complex deals. With Subskribe, get up and running in mere weeks, and let your sales team do what it's best at — selling.

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Thinking about Salesforce CPQ?
Think again.

Subskribe is the unified CPQ, billing, and revenue recognition platform that enables innovative SaaS deals. With Subskribe, you’ll spend less time quoting and more time selling, with larger deals, faster time to close, and a dramatically reduced workload for your deal desk.
Sales reps and deal desks waste time and energy trying to figure out workarounds for modern SaaS deal structures. Ops and engineering teams eat up valuable cycles as well, implementing, maintaining, and integrating a legacy CPQ system.
Be up and running with Subskribe in weeks, not months.
Implementation can take 6+ months and may require add-on consulting time.
Create a complex enterprise quote in 30 seconds or less. Subskribe supports multi-year ramps, mid-term upsells, and flexible discounts.
Complex deal structures are a pain to construct and sales reps often require deal desk assistance.
With virtually no user training needed, sales reps can create approval workflows or structure enterprise deals in just a few clicks.
A cumbersome UI adds unnecessary complexity when making basic changes. Customization, expertise in CPQ, and ongoing admin support are necessary to use and
maintain the tool.
Eliminate the unnecessary costs of maintaining a CPQ system. No workarounds, no custom integrations, no maintaining multiple catalogs — Subskribe just works.
Not only is it resource-intensive and time-consuming to implement, Salesforce CPQ requires constant maintenance and dedicated architects.
Natively connect CPQ to billing. With a truly unified quote-to-revenue platform, Subskribe keeps sales and finance on the same page, eliminating manual reconciliation.
No natively unified quote-to-revenue architecture, resulting in endless reconciliation and delays in book closing.

If I didn’t have Subskribe, I’d have to hire someone immediately to manage our CPQ. Subskribe saves me a full headcount, and at the same time, we can slash the sales process by days by getting quotes out to customers sooner without a lot of deal desk support.

Tom Murtaugh
SVP, Global Business Operations
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Built for Dynamic SaaS Deals

Advanced Quoting

Subskribe allows you to specify terms and deliverables that change over time, enabling complex ramp deals, mid-term upsells, and variable discounting.

Flexible Pricing Models

With Subskribe, create a quote for any pricing model you dream up. Whether its usage-based, self-serve, or enterprise pricing — Subskribe does it all.

Easy Approvals

Subskribe makes complex approval workflows simple, easy, and, most importantly, fast.

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Subskribe helps your teams get up and running — fast

Maximize revenue with a CPQ designed to operate at lightning speed. Go live in weeks, not months, and build complex quotes in 30 seconds or less.