Release Notes

At Subskribe, speed matters. That’s why we’re constantly improving our product line with new feature drops, key enhancements, and bug fixes. We’re working day and night to deliver the best Quote-to-Revenue platform on the planet. Read our release notes to find out what we’ve been up to!

NetSuite Invoice Sync

Subskribe now supports a native integration with Oracle NetSuite to ensure Quoting and Invoicing remain in sync.

Subskribe Multi-Entity

Subskribe’s out-of-the-box functionality for Multi-Entity organizations allows easy segregation and tagging across various business units or regional entities within a single Subskribe login. Easily control user access while mapping accounts and product catalogs to be used across entities or bound to a single entity. Seamlessly provide consolidated reporting across operating entities.

Read our blog post for more details on Subskribe Multi-Entity.

Create Custom Fields for Workflow Approvals

Use "text" and "single select picklist" type custom fields created for your accounts, orders, and order lines, to build conditions for your approval workflows.

Anrok Integration

Subskribe now supports integration with Anrok, a cloud-based platform for automating tax calculations and tax filing. This feature enables organizations to connect Subskribe with their Anrok accounts with a single click.

Once integrated, Subskribe automatically calculates taxes on invoices based on the tax jurisdiction of your customers and the Anrok tax categories applied on your SKUs. Once the invoices are posted, Subskribe automatically posts these transactions on your Anrok account for tax filing purposes.  

Additional features supported as part of this integration include: 

  • Ability to verify contact addresses
  • Support for tax exempt accounts
  • Reversing/voiding tax transactions on Anrok when invoices are voided 

Usage Model with Overage Charge (Usage Override)

Users can now override the price of a usage charge with a per-unit charge model at the order level, providing greater flexibility and control over pricing.

Subskribe Zeppa, a Rules-Based Customization Engine

Zeppa is Subskribe's rules-based engine that makes it easy for any user to adapt Subskribe to satisfy their own particular business needs. Zeppa defines and supports a wide range of actions so you can tailor your business’s quoting process.

Read our blog post for more details on Zeppa.

Inline Editing of Custom Fields on an Order

The order creation flow has been enhanced to allow for inline editing of custom fields within the order.

Expected Unit Sell Amount Support

The goal-seeking functionality in the order creation form has been enhanced so that users can now calculate the discount percentage by entering a specific unit sell price, in addition to the previously available option of entering the total sell price. This improvement offers greater flexibility and precision in pricing strategies.

Settings Page Reorganization

The settings page has been reorganized to allow for more intuitive groupings of settings related to the Product Catalog.

Async Finance Operations

During month-end close, revenue recognition entries, journal entry previews, and finalized journal entries will now all be performed as an offline task. Tasks are saved and managed within the system to understand the task’s state and what is being included within the task itself.

Ability to Reopen a Closed Opportunity

Users will now be able to open closed opportunities from the opportunity pane on Subskribe. This will allow users to create and execute new orders for that same opportunity in case the earlier subscription had to be deleted/canceled.

Net Recurring and Non-recurring Discount %s Available for Approval Conditions

Recurring discount % and non-recurring discount % are now available for creating order-level conditions in approval workflows.

Here is how these fields are calculated in Subskribe:

  • Recurring discount %: Net discount given across all recurring (including % of charge) charges on the order
  • Non-recurring discount %: Net discount given across all one-time charges on the order

Subskribe Amendments, Renewals, and Cancellations for Salesforce

With managed package 1.73, "Subskribe Order Type" is now a mandatory field on opportunities. Sales reps can set the appropriate value for this field (New/Amendment/Renewal/Cancel) while creating the opportunity. Subsequently, when sales reps create Subskribe orders from their Salesforce Opportunities, the system seamlessly takes them to the New, Amendment, Renewal, or Cancel order forms on Subskribe.

Please note that Subskribe’s existing customers upgrading to 1.73 will need to manually configure "Subskribe Order Type" as mandatory and set the default value of this field to "None."

Cancel Restructure for HubSpot

Subskribe now supports our Cancel + Restructure functionality with HubSpot CRM.

Master Template V2 Editor

Added a layer of security and HTML sanitization to the Subskribe template editor. Now all JavaScript supplied by the user is stripped out.

Sync Product, Plan, and Charge External IDs to Salesforce

With managed package version 1.72, Subskribe will sync external IDs configured on products, plans and charges to the Subskribe Order Line object created on Salesforce. Customers can leverage this to map their Subskribe SKUs to Salesforce products. This mapping enables customers to build Salesforce flows to populate Subskribe Order and Order line data to the appropriate Opportunity or Quote level fields. This helps them maintain existing integrations with Salesforce and continue using existing reports and other customization, after they have onboarded on Subskribe.

Charge Description Length Increase

The length of the description field on charges in the product catalog has been increased to 1,000 characters.

Cancel Restructure

Introducing a streamlined workflow for complex cancel and restructure deals (AKA rip & replace deals) now presented in a single, intuitive view. Seamlessly handle cancel and restructuring with automated credit computes all on a single order form for a single signature. Plus, since Subskribe provides the convenience of managing quoting, billing, and revenue in one platform, finance is guaranteed smooth, reconcilable transactions downstream. Experience efficiency like never before, with accurate ARR tracking and effortless cancel & restructure management.

E-Signature Customer Only Workflow

If your organization’s e-signature process requires only your customers to sign the order form for the e-signature process to be complete, Subskribe now supports that option. This feature is currently supported only for Subskribe’s native e-signature platform.

Amendments and Renewals Directly from HubSpot

This feature adds a new deal-level property called “Subskribe Order Type” to HubSpot deals. The field has 3 values: New, Amendment, and Renewal.

Admins can add this as a mandatory field on the “Create Deal” form on HubSpot. Subsequently, when users create new Subskribe orders from their HubSpot deals, the system seamlessly takes them to the new order, amendment order, or renewal order forms on Subskribe.

Ramp on Amendments

This functionality empowers users to implement ramps at the line level, providing finer control over pricing strategies. Moreover, it enables customers to include a new product in an amendment with a customized ramp schedule, enhancing overall flexibility in pricing adjustments.

Contact Address Requirements

Users can now submit orders for approvals with contacts that have missing addresses. Addresses are now only required to be populated at the time of order execution, giving sales reps the flexibility to organize contact details later in the deal lifecycle.

Timeline Section

We’ve improved our user experience when creating Orders by introducing a timeline section to define terms and ramps. This allows for better computations of pricing data as well as less errors thrown during order creation.

Add Tables to Order Terms and Conditions

This enhancement allows admins and sales reps to add tables in their order form terms and conditions.

SAR Currency

Introducing SAR currency support for enhanced flexibility, allowing seamless transactions in Saudi Riyals. This enhancement allows Subskribe to cater to a broader customer market, delivering an improved, user-friendly experience globally.

Approval Workflows

The approval workflow has been improved to allow configuration when specific terms and conditions are modified. This enhancement offers increased flexibility in setting up diverse approvals and routing them to different teams based on specific use cases.

Subskribe Sales Room

With Subskribe Sales Room, sales teams can collaborate with prospects through a fully customizable web-based sales room tailored to fit your brand. Sales Room eliminates the frustrations of back and forth emails and calls and allows both reps and prospects to build a great deal together in real time.

With Subskribe Sales Room, businesses can:

  • Collaborate on deals, empowering prospects with the ability to work with Sales as the deal is built and adjust deal details including billing and contact information.
  • Showcase a branded experience, with customizable colors, fonts, and themes to put your business’s best foot forward.
  • Share key collateral, from case studies to marketing guides to MSAs. Sales Room allows sales teams to deliver the critical content that can help educate prospects and push deals to close.
  • Measure engagement and see when, what, and for how long prospects are interacting with critical deal details. Better anticipate concerns and focus on what prospects are actually interested in.
  • Close quickly with e-signature by allowing prospects to designate the correct signatory and initiate signature directly from Sales Room.

Pre-defined VAT

Support for fixed tax rate Tax Codes, enabling the system to effortlessly compute flat tax rates for VAT. This enhancement streamlines financial processes, providing users with a more efficient and accurate way to handle taxation.

Edit Predefined Terms on Order

Sales reps can now effortlessly edit predefined terms and conditions at the order levels.

Picklist Custom Fields

Users can seamlessly define and create custom fields for picklists or drop-down types, adding a new layer of flexibility to personalize their data.

Line-level Tax Amount Now Shown in Invoice UI

We're excited to unveil a revamped Invoice Page user interface, now featuring transparent tax amounts for enhanced end-user visibility. The updated layout ensures a clear and comprehensive view of all financial details, empowering users to easily understand and manage their invoices.

TaxJar Integration

TaxJar is a cloud-based platform for automating tax calculations and tax filing. This feature enables organizations to connect Subskribe with their TaxJar accounts with the click of a button. Once integrated, Subskribe automatically calculates taxes on the invoices based on the tax jurisdiction of your customers and the TaxJar tax categories applied on the SKUs. Once the invoices are posted, Subskribe automatically posts these transactions on your TaxJar account for tax filing purposes.  

Additional features supported as part of this integration: 

  • Ability to mark accounts as tax exempt 
  • Reversing/voiding tax transactions on TaxJar when the invoices are voided

Additional Roles and Permissions

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our SaaS product, introducing Additional Roles & Permissions for enhanced user management. With this new feature, administrators can now assign specific roles to users, granting tailored access and permissions based on their responsibilities within the platform. This fine-grained control not only enhances security but also streamlines workflows, ensuring that teams have precisely the right level of access they need to maximize productivity.

E-Signature Capabilities

We are excited to announce our enhanced e-signature capabilities, including seamless integration with DocuSign in addition to Subskribe e-Signature, which leverages PandaDoc eSignature technology. During the sales motion, once orders are approved internally and are ready to be shared with customers, sales reps can initiate the e-signature process from Subskribe with the click of a button. They can also share a Sales Room link so customers can initiate the e-signature process themselves. Once the e-signature process is initiated, Subskribe automatically sends emails to the authorized signatories, with the order form as an attachment. Throughout the entire e-signature lifecycle, sales reps have full visibility via the audit trail capabilities on Subskribe. Once the e-signature process is complete, the signed order form PDF is automatically available to be downloaded from Subskribe.

Amend and Renew

Subskribe's Amend & Renew feature not only simplifies the subscription renewal process by seamlessly integrating amendments and renewals, but also introduces a new dimension with the inclusion of upsell and early renewal capabilities. With Subskribe's Amend & Renew, customers can effortlessly generate both an amendment and renewal for a subscription simultaneously, all within a single order. This innovative approach ties back to a unified opportunity in the CRM, offering users the convenience of exploring upsell options and the flexibility of early renewal, enhancing their overall subscription experience.

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