BigID Goes Live In 90 Days With Subskribe’s Enterprise-Class CPQ, Cutting Implementation Costs By 90%




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  • Replace an existing CPQ implementation and go live within the year
  • Move from a manual quoting process to an automated process
  • Provide an intuitive user experience for sales reps to create quotes independently and reduce reliance on deal desk
  • Shorten the sales cycle and increase win rates
  • Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and NetSuite


  • Fully implemented and live within 90 days
  • Increased efficiency and throughput of deal cycles
  • Eliminated time-consuming manual tasks, increasing sales rep productivity
  • Provided frictionless user experience, increasing sales rep adoption


BigID is a leader in data security, privacy, compliance, and governance: enabling organizations to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their data in a single platform for data visibility and control. BigID has been recognized for its innovation and leadership with numerous distinctions, including being named CNBC’s top 25 top startups for the enterprise in 2022, the #1 Fastest Growing Security Company on the 2021 Inc. 5000, repeatedly named to the Deloitte Fast 500, and more.

As Senior Vice President of Global Business Operations at BigID, Tom Murtaugh oversees the company’s operational teams, including the deal desk, reporting, and go-to-market systems. He was looking for a way to shorten and streamline the quoting process. “With any enterprise sales process, there can be complex layers with components ranging from technical evaluations to multiple stakeholders,” he said.

Legacy CPQ Implementation Was Manual and Costly

Before implementing Subskribe, the majority of the quoting process was manual. Sales reps worked with templated order forms and quote sheets, and they had to input orders into Salesforce by hand. Reps also used spreadsheets to track and manage SKUs.

Legacy CPQ systems require complex integrations and workarounds to accommodate modern SaaS deal structures. Not only are long, time-consuming implementation times and ongoing maintenance expensive, but using these systems is also extremely challenging. Most have cumbersome UIs, requiring extensive expertise in CPQ and ongoing administrative support.

Without a unified quote-to-revenue architecture, teams experience arduous reconciliation processes and closing delays. As the company grew, manual processes would not be sufficient to keep pace with demand. “You either need an army of people or automated processes,” said Murtaugh.

Key Benefits of Using Subskribe

The ability to be up and running in weeks, not years.

Intuitive and easy to use, without extensive training.

The ability to create complex enterprise quotes in under a minute.

Eliminate the unnecessary costs of maintaining a CPQ system. No workarounds, no custom integrations, no maintaining multiple catalogs — Subskribe just works.

Provides a single source of truth for your metrics, simplifying reporting and eliminating data silos.

Enterprise-Grade Features Were Essential; Fast Time-to-Value Was a Bonus

Murtaugh’s requirements for a new CPQ system included:

“Subskribe satisfied all of our requirements,” Murtaugh said. “It has a great UI, is super easy to implement, and it’s flexible enough to accommodate tweaks and changes. Plus, I have full confidence that it will scale with us over time.”

A Powerful but Delightful Quoting Process

Subskribe makes the quoting process painless for modern SaaS businesses by streamlining implementation and enabling reps to create complex quotes in seconds. With Subskribe, organizations spend less time quoting and more time selling, and they are able to close larger deals faster, while dramatically reducing the workload for the deal desk.

“The thing about Subskribe that really exceeded my expectations was how easy it was to configure and how easy it's going to be for me and my team to make changes, for example, if approval processes or pricing changes,” Murtaugh said. “Adding a SKU isn’t three hours of work with a consultant – I can literally do it in five minutes. Plus, choosing Subskribe over another vendor probably saved me six figures of implementation costs.”

According to Murtaugh, getting his team up and running on Subskribe was a breeze. “It’s very intuitive and built around concepts, words, and structures that everyone’s familiar with,” he said. “You can tell it was built by people who have been there and dealt with the pain of using legacy tools that are difficult to use.”

Murtaugh appreciates how easy it is to build and change approvals workflows in Subskribe. “Subskribe provides white-glove self-service to our deal desk and sales reps,” he said.

Subskribe Enabled Massive Cost Savings

Subskribe simplifies the sales cycle for BigID considerably. Sales reps can enter information for a quote request directly into Subskribe, which produces the quote, replacing a lengthy and inefficient multi-step process.

“Subskribe cuts out a lot of manual data entry and duplicate work,” Murtaugh said. “Plus, nothing gets overlooked or lost in the process. Before, there were too many potential points of failure, such as a mistake in a spreadsheet or a missed email. With Subskribe CPQ sitting in between Salesforce and the billing process, those challenges are eliminated.”

Subskribe satisfied all of our requirements. It has a great UI, is super easy to implement, and it’s flexible enough to accommodate tweaks and changes. Plus, I have full confidence that it will scale with us over time.

Tom Murtaugh
SVP, Global Business Operations

According to Murtaugh, using Subskribe also eliminates the need to hire additional resources, like a CPQ administrator or additional deal desk support staff. “If I didn’t have Subskribe, I’d have to hire someone immediately to manage our CPQ,” he said. “This saves me a full headcount, and at the same time, we can slash the sales process by days by getting quotes out to customers sooner without a lot of deal desk support.”

Murtaugh and his team have already migrated all of their data over to Subskribe and are performing long-term user acceptance testing. They plan to roll the solution out to the sales team in a couple months. “We want to ensure widespread adoption across our sales team, and then implement Subskribe for billing,” he said. “Then we will have seamless quoting and billing in a single tool.”

Murtaugh said working with the team at Subskribe was a huge benefit to choosing the platform. “It’s important to work with a team of people that’s customer-focused, listens to what you need, and is responsive,” he said. “The fact that Subskribe has such a responsive team that is willing to go above and beyond is just huge.”