Beamery Scales Up Quoting With Subskribe's Enterprise-Grade CPQ, Saving Hundreds of Thousands in Staffing Costs




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  • Move from a manual quoting process to a scalable, automated process
  • Empower sales reps with a fast, user-friendly interface
  • Handle complex use cases like upsells, early renewals, multi-currency price lists, and discount visibility
  • Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and ensure data accuracy
  • Provide visibility into deals for reporting and business intelligence


  • Reduced the need for multiple deal desk headcount in the future, saving hundreds of thousands in cost
  • Streamlined quote generation and approval workflows, increasing deal throughput in the final stages
  • Increased data consistency between quotes and CRM, reducing the need for manual reconciliation
  • Provided a single source of truth for accurate reporting and advanced analytics


A global leader in Talent Lifecycle Management, Beamery allows enterprises to create more human experiences for all talent and unlock the skills and potential of their global workforce. Beamery’s platform helps organizations identify and acquire top talent, move the needle on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), close key skill gaps, and retain top performers.

As Director of FP&A at Beamery, Cédric Kubicki is responsible for the company’s quote-to-order process, which includes quote creation, approval, and analytics, as well as ensuring that quotes are auditable and accurate. He was looking for a way to streamline quoting and replace the existing manual process that was prone to errors and had difficulty handling more complex deal structures. “We’re a small team supporting a nearly 400-person organization, so we were looking for a scalable solution designed to simplify life for the AEs, legal, and finance team.”

Manual Process Was Time-Consuming, Unreliable, and Didn’t Scale

Before implementing Subskribe, the quoting process was entirely manual, with Kubicki and team managing multiple Google Sheets templates used for creating quotes and order forms. Once a sales rep created a quote and an order form was finalized in the correct Google Sheets template, a PDF of the spreadsheet would be generated and sent out for signature. Next, the data from the order was manually reconciled back into Salesforce so orders could be tracked in a central system. 

Without a modern CPQ platform in place, the quoting process was cumbersome and slow. It was also difficult for Kubicki’s team to keep track of discounts and upsells on a consistent basis. Despite using notes to keep track of changes, the quote on the order form would often be inconsistent with what was recorded in Salesforce. This created additional work, and the deal desk would have to chase AEs down to match the numbers.

Key Benefits of Using Subskribe

The ability to be up and running in weeks, not years.

Intuitive and easy to use, without extensive training.

The ability to create complex enterprise quotes in under a minute.

Eliminate the unnecessary costs of maintaining a CPQ system. No workarounds, no custom integrations, no maintaining multiple catalogs — Subskribe just works.

Provides a single source of truth for your metrics, simplifying reporting and eliminating data silos.

“The sheer volume of quotes that our small legal and finance team had to check was overwhelming at times,” Kubicki explained. “We’d spend an hour working on a small quote, which just doesn’t make sense.” 

Relying on a manual quoting process also meant that, even with meticulous double- and triple-checking, mistakes were inevitable. Especially at month-end or quarter-end, Kubicki noted that the increase in deal volume would lead to errors in quotes. 

“With the volume of quotes and the manual lookups you are doing across various PDFs, it’s inherent that you’ll make mistakes,” Kubicki said. “And if you’re focused on pushing through larger deals at the end of the month, it’s difficult to be as diligent with some of the smaller deals that are coming in.”

If we didn’t have Subskribe, I would have had to hire more deal desk staff, which is quite expensive. The ROI is right there.

Cédric Kubicki
Director, FP&A

Subskribe Provides Simplicity, Scalability, and Seamless Automation

When Kubicki started evaluating CPQs, he found that many of the legacy solutions in the market were difficult to use and required extensive implementations and frequent re-implementations to scale. After seeing Subskribe, however, Kubicki and his team were immediately drawn to its simple and modern take on CPQ.

Enterprise-grade Capabilities Save Time and Resources, Eliminating Costly Additional Hires

Subskribe has completely revolutionized Beamery’s sales quoting process. Gone are the days of tedious and error-prone manual entry, sifting through a multitude of Google Sheets, and hand-checking product SKUs and prices. With Subskribe in place, sales reps can easily generate quotes and send order forms out for signature with just a few clicks, and Kubicki’s team can have full confidence that the data will match the order form 100 percent of the time. 

“Subskribe is fully solving the CPQ challenges we’ve had in the past. Its simplicity of use is something that we really appreciate — the UI is simple and we have full visibility at all times,” Kubicki explained. “The biggest benefit for me is that I don’t have to be checking orders all the time.”

According to Kubicki, using Subskribe has also eliminated the need for additional staffing resources. “If we didn’t have Subskribe, I would have had to hire more deal desk staff, which is quite expensive,” he said. “The ROI is right there.”

As Kubicki continues to roll out Subskribe to Beamery’s growing professional services team, he highlighted that an immense benefit of working with Subskribe was enterprise-quality support. “The support from Subskribe has been absolutely perfect, and turnaround has always been extremely quick,” he said. “With two senior domain experts replying to my questions at any time, I feel like I’m getting white glove service with Subskribe.”