One of the many keys to success in SaaS is having the right metrics at your fingertips for rigorous analysis and robust decision making. However, without the right tools to enable this, you might be left either reading tea leaves or trudging through endless manual computations.

At Subskribe, we recognize this challenge and the inability of other applications on the market to give sales and finance teams not just critical data intelligence but also insights at the right level of granularity. If you’ve ever wondered what the underlying cause was for an expansion, contraction, or churn, look no further than Subskribe’s ARR Categorization, which can pinpoint and reveal exactly what is happening with your subscription business in real time. 

With Subskribe’s ARR Categorization, we’ve taken a unique approach to revenue tracking, allowing for precision in data capture, flexibility in customization, and reporting that is actually actionable. Say farewell to guesswork and hello to unprecedented visibility into how your revenue is changing. 

What can you do with Subskribe’s ARR Categorization?

Subskribe’s ARR Categorization makes it easy for businesses to quickly view and digest complex SaaS metrics related to ARR and better understand the health of the business. Whether it’s a high-level view of ARR by cohort or a detailed look into price and quantity changes over the duration of a subscription, Subskribe’s ARR Categorization gives users the flexibility to focus on the most critical KPIs and trends, resulting in the ability to easily surface actionable insights.

With Subskribe’s ARR Categorization, businesses can:

  • View ARR metrics over time, by accounts, and by product and plan offerings, allowing for a deeper understanding of revenue streams and empowering users to optimize their strategies with utmost precision. 
  • Dive into ARR metrics in granular detail. Easily understand whether an expansion was caused by quantity changes, pricing, or discounting, or if churn was caused by non-renewal or early cancellation. 
  • Create custom KPIs and cohorts that serve your specific business needs. Build dashboards and reporting that offer a comprehensive view of how the business is doing, incorporating critical data such as retention rates, churn analytics, renewal trends, and more.

What makes Subskribe’s ARR Categorization unique?

Subskribe’s quote-to-revenue platform, which operates on a single, unified product catalog, makes it easy to visualize ARR metrics in just a few clicks. There’s no need for managing multiple systems or consolidating data into a data warehouse. Subskribe does it all right out of the box, giving users unparalleled precision and efficiency in subscription management and analytics.

  • Dynamic ARR tracking: Adapt to the ever-changing landscape with real-time updates and forecasts that keep you ahead of the curve.
  • Intelligent categorization: Simplify complex deal structures with our smart categorization system, offering clarity in financial insights.
  • Customizable KPI dashboards: Tailor your dashboard to focus on the metrics crucial to your business, providing clarity in a sea of data.
  • Predictive analytics: Anticipate trends and market shifts with powerful predictive analytics, empowering strategic decisions with confidence.

Subskribe’s ARR Categorization is just one part of our robust and complete advanced analytics platform. One of our core tenets as a company is to “make hard things easy,” and SaaS metrics is certainly an area that could stand to be made easier for users. Our ARR Categorization capability helps to take much of the headache out of SaaS analytics, and we hope you’ll take a look at our platform or book a personalized demo with us.