If you’ve ever dealt with the tedium of configuring multiple products in your product catalog just to accommodate pricing, then you’ve definitely got your eye on Multi-Attribute Pricing (MAP) as a must-have for any billing system you evaluate. At Subskribe, we recently rolled out our own version of Multi-Attribute Pricing to support more complex pricing strategies and be flexible enough to address the myriad of modern SaaS pricing scenarios.

With the rise of usage-based pricing, Multi-Attribute Pricing has become a critical component of billing systems as the amount billed is wholly dependent on a fluctuating value (usage). MAP allows users to create dynamic pricing structures that incorporate a variety of attributes, including quantity used, product type or tier, geographic region, discounting, and more. 

Multi-Attribute Pricing is also gaining added importance in non-usage, recurring billing models. Instead of needing to code in an endless number of product variations and subsequently suffering through the pain of having a sales team find the right product SKU, MAP allows for variable pricing structures and, on the front end, simplicity and ease in product selection.

What can you do with Subskribe’s Multi-Attribute Pricing?

Subskribe's Multi-Attribute Pricing empowers SaaS businesses to effortlessly configure price attributes, facilitating the creation of tailored pricing strategies that address the diverse needs of customers. Whether it’s a tiered, usage-based scenario or a regional pricing strategy, Subskribe MAP gives users the flexibility to create dynamic pricing structures coupled with an intuitive and user-friendly implementation. 

With Subskribe’s Multi-Attribute Pricing, businesses can:

  • Create personalized pricing structures for customers that are tailored to their specific offerings and needs.
  • Ensure accurate pricing calculations for any pricing scenario.
  • Unlock enhanced reporting and data analyses with non-price attributes.
  • Streamline quoting for sales with a straightforward UI for product configuration.

What makes Subskribe’s Multi-Attribute Pricing unique?

Subskribe’s unified quote-to-revenue platform is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of Multi-Attribute Pricing. With a shared data model across quoting, billing, and revenue recognition, Subskribe’s MAP allows for increased pricing accuracy and configuration flexibility.

  • Adaptable customization: Subskribe’s MAP effortlessly adapts to various pricing models like Usage, Per Unit, and Flat Fee, ensuring your pricing remains relevant amid changing market trends.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface: Combining sophistication with simplicity, Subskribe’s MAP provides a seamless interface that empowers businesses to easily navigate even the most complex pricing structures.
  • Better workflow efficiency: Beyond its backend prowess, Subskribe's MAP streamlines sales by helping reps select the right attributes, making product navigation a breeze.

Multi-Attribute Pricing is just one of many ways Subskribe is continually innovating and challenging the current SaaS billing landscape. As we continue to roll out new, cutting-edge features to address the needs of modern SaaS companies, we invite you to take a tour of our product or book a meeting with us for a personalized demo.