PlayMetrics Plays to Win With Subskribe Quote-to-Revenue, Achieves $400,000 in Cost Savings




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  • Move from disparate billing processes and systems to a single automated, enterprise-grade system
  • Eliminate manual data entry and reduce need for costly reconciliation and verification
  • Provide sales reps with a robust quoting engine to support complex deal types
  • Leverage workflows in software to facilitate contract approval process and improve interdepartmental communication
  • Improve timeliness to generate critical SaaS metrics and KPIs, and add to the metrics used to monitor performance


  • Automated billing and dunning, saving countless hours of manual data entry, preventing reporting errors, and significantly reducing receivables
  • Streamlined quote generation and approval workflow, increasing deal throughput, reducing manual review efforts, and alleviating friction between stakeholders
  • Provided a seamless flow from quote to order to invoice to revenue, eliminating the need for cumbersome integrations between systems
  • Established a “true north” for subscription metrics, enabling accurate and consistent KPI reporting


PlayMetrics helps youth sports organizations conquer the chaos of their daily operations so they can provide the best possible experience to their members. PlayMetrics’ software handles everything from building a website to organizing teams to collecting registration fees, all in a single, easy-to-use platform.

As CFO and COO at PlayMetrics, Chris Smith is responsible for all aspects of finance, human resources, and revenue operations at the company. Along with Devin Downey, Director of Analysis, who manages billing and invoicing, the two were looking for a solution to tackle billing, collections, and financial reporting, which had been built over time across a variety of different tools. “We needed less manual entry, reduced potential for error, more systematic approval processes, and less time consumed doing menial tasks,” explained Smith. As the business was expanding rapidly, Smith and Downey knew that their existing technology and processes weren’t going to scale.

Manual Processes Were a Risk and Ate Up Valuable Time

Prior to Subskribe, billing a customer meant Downey needed to manually enter order data into QuickBooks to generate an invoice and set up reminders in order to know when to send the next invoices out at the right time. If any payments were late, he also needed to manually issue dunning emails. As PlayMetrics’ customer count continued to climb, this process became more and more cumbersome.

On the analysis side, Smith maintained his own Excel spreadsheet in order to keep track of standard SaaS metrics and KPIs like ARR, churn, and expansion. But this, too, could be susceptible to human error, and, on top of that, could fall out of sync with the billing side.

Legacy Billing Systems Lacked Flexibility and CPQ Capabilities

Many of PlayMetrics’ customers are on complex billing schedules, meaning it’s not all simple monthly or quarterly cadences, and some products include minimum commitments with overage fees. In order to accommodate these deal structures, Smith and Downey started looking into SaaS billing solutions.

They quickly found out, however, that many of the legacy billing providers couldn’t support the billing models that were critical for PlayMetrics’ customers. “Our deals are very much sales-led,” Smith said. “Very few billing systems can actually handle things like irregular cash collection cadences natively — or at all.”

While Smith and Downey evaluated legacy players like Ordway and Maxio, they were drawn to Subskribe and its full quote-to-revenue platform.

“We were much more comfortable with Subskribe’s user interface and data model,” Smith said. “And while initially we weren’t expecting to tackle anything upstream of billing, when we saw the tightly integrated CPQ that Subskribe had, it made our decision easy.”

We chose Subskribe because of the tight integration of CPQ and billing. That unified platform is what’s really different and unique about Subskribe, and I’m incredibly happy that we went down this path.

Chris Smith

Subskribe’s Quote-to-Revenue Platform Provides a Seamless End-to-End Solution

While PlayMetrics initially came to Subskribe in need of a robust billing solution, Subskribe’s unified platform, which includes CPQ, billing, revenue recognition, and advanced analytics, gave the company an opportunity to address its entire quote-to-revenue stack. For Smith and Downey, it was clear that Subskribe’s offering solved not only the immediate problems of today, but also provided the extensibility and future-proofing that would pay dividends for years to come.

Subskribe provides PlayMetrics with:

Key Benefits of Using Subskribe

Eliminate data entry and disparate systems with an automated, intelligent quote-to-revenue platform.

Enjoy an intuitive and easy to use UI, without extensive training.

Create complex enterprise quotes in under a minute.

Do away with the unnecessary costs of maintaining separate CPQ, Billing, and Revenue Recognition systems.

Provide a single source of truth for your metrics, simplifying reporting and eliminating data silos.

PlayMetrics Sees Benefits in Increased Efficiency, Reduction in Errors, and Significant Cost Savings

PlayMetrics has fully revamped its entire quote-to-revenue engine, unifying disparate processes into one system and turning friction into efficiency.

Instead of sales reps requesting contracts to be created through a custom form and PlayMetrics’ Legal department manually creating an order form, reps can quickly create quotes in Subskribe and submit them into a systematic approval workflow, notifying sales leadership, Legal, and Finance.

Rather than Downey entering in new orders into QuickBooks and managing invoices there, Subskribe automatically converts executed quotes into subscriptions and bills accordingly without manual intervention. Payments are collected seamlessly through Subskribe’s Stripe integration, and the system automatically handles dunning.

All told, Smith estimates that the company has saved $400K in direct personnel costs by adopting Subskribe and doing away with their prior processes.

“There’s a ton going on right now in our business,” explained Smith. “And without Subskribe, we would have serious challenges keeping up with our processes, contracts, and reporting, no matter how much manpower we might’ve added.”

Smith continued, “I’m incredibly happy that we chose Subskribe and would recommend it to any SaaS company with a sales-led GTM motion.”

Both Smith and Downey expressed not only how pleased they are with Subskribe’s product, but also how valuable the partnership with the team has been.

“It’s been fantastic working with the Subskribe team,” said Downey. “It’s definitely been helpful having the team as a resource and a sounding board. They take our feedback very seriously, and a lot of times we see stuff that we mentioned in passing turning into actual features relatively quickly.”