A New Architecture For New Deals

Subskribe is designed for deals that evolve. It's built around a single repository of dynamic orders that can change over time, down to the individual line item. That means no more silos. No more confusion. No more need for manual reconciliation.

Subskribe has only one product catalog and one pricing engine, and invoicing is order-line based, enabling ASC-606 compliant revenue recognition.

Advanced and Flexible Quoting

  • Create complex quotes (eg. ramp deals) in seconds
  • Support for flexible and innovative pricing models
  • Fast and easy approvals

Reliable Billing

  • Support for flexible consumption models
  • Order-based invoicing to support ASC 606
  • Real-time reporting and analysis

Revenue Recognition

  • Quoting, billing, and revenue recognition on one platform
  • Seamless processing of deals, renewals, and restructures
  • Tight integration with GL accounting and ERP tools

Flexible Integrations

  • Pre-built connectors to key enterprise systems: Salesforce, Slack, Docusign, Stripe, Avalara
  • API-first design for custom integration
  • Flexible, low-code customization