G2 Spring 2024 reports are out, and we’re excited to celebrate so many amazing achievements, including:

  • Named #1 Momentum Leader in CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management
  • Earned 58 awards – our most ever!
  • Named High Performer in CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management for five consecutive quarters
  • Named High Performer in Quote-to-Cash and Subscription Management
  • Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Earned #1 ranking across 12 reports and 101 scoring categories

We couldn’t have done this without our awesome customers who take the time to leave us amazing reviews. Thank you to all of you out there who are rooting for us — the results are in and your support shows!

Subskribe is named #1 Momentum Leader

#1 Momentum Leader

In the first G2 report that Subskribe was eligible* to be included in the Momentum Grid, Subskribe debuted as the de-facto #1 leader in the categories of CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management. 

The Momentum Grid is key to understanding what products are truly gaining ground among customers, as it places more emphasis on traction than incumbency. 

Subskribe blew past established players like Salesforce, Zuora, Maxio, and Chargebee, who collectively have been in the market for over 50 years. We’re shaking things up here at Subskribe, and we think it’s high time we said buh-bye to legacy players and hello to a quote-to-revenue platform that is innovating and disrupting the space!

Subskribe is the #1 Momentum Leader across CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management

"[Subskribe has] an incredibly innovative solution that has helped to reduce overhead and fast-track our quoting and billing motions, and on top of that, they’ve been an amazing partner for us," said Andrew Boeger, Director of IT at Vivun. "This is absolutely the benefit of working with a nimble startup – you definitely feel like a VIP instead of just another face in the crowd."

Subskribe is named High Performer in 20 categories

High Performer in 20 Categories

For the fifth consecutive quarter, Subskribe was named a High Performer across multiple G2 categories, including CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management. Subskribe was also newly named a High Performer in the categories of Quote-to-Cash and Subscription Management, bringing the total to 20 categories in which Subskribe is rated a High Performer. 

"Subskribe makes it way easier for me to manage my deals as an AE," said Clayton Bradshaw, Enterprise Account Executive at Merge. "It helps me to build quotes, seek approvals from the right people in my leadership, and easily ensure that order forms are accurate and have no issues."

Subskribe is #1 in implementation, usability, and results

#1 in Implementation, Usability, & Results

Subskribe was rated #1 across 12 G2 reports and 101 G2 scoring categories, including:

  • #1 in Usability for CPQ
  • #1 in Implementation for CPQ
  • #1 in Results for CPQ
  • #1 in Usability for Revenue Management
  • #1 in Results for Revenue Management
  • #1 in Ease of Setup for Subscription Billing

It’s clear that customers appreciate the speed with which our QTR platform can be deployed, how easy it is to use, and the results that they’re seeing. It’s not just talk; Subskribe drives real ROI for its customers.

"If we didn’t have Subskribe, I would have had to hire more deal desk staff, which is quite expensive," said Cédric Kubicki, Director of FP&A at Beamery. "The ROI is right there."

Customers love Subskribe

Customers Love Subskribe

Subskribe’s mission is to make quote-to-revenue seamless, intuitive, and delightful for our customers. We strive to provide the absolute best CPQ, subscription billing, and revenue recognition experience across all of SaaS, and we believe the latest G2 reports reflect those efforts! We’re so grateful that we’ve been consistently recognized over the past five quarters from G2, and we’ll continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what a great customer experience can be.

To see how customers are gaining efficiency, saving costs, and accelerating revenue with Subskribe, check out our latest customer stories and G2 reviews. If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into our product, take a look at our demo videos or book a meeting with our team!

*A product must have a year’s worth of data on G2 before it may be eligible for the Momentum Grid.