AI is probably the most powerful trend impacting businesses today, bringing a range of solutions for automating and optimizing processes and operations. Among the leaders in this space is Vivun, offering an AI-powered PreSales platform that gives technical selling teams the tools to operate effectively, automate demos, and drive seamless collaboration across sales and product teams.

Given the unique attributes and use cases for its SaaS platform, Vivun was in search of a solution for automating existing manual tasks associated with its cumbersome quote-to-revenue process. The catch was that it had to accommodate a multi-year pricing ramp.

According to Kevin Spinelli who oversees accounting, FP&A, IT, business systems, deal desk, and revenue operations at Vivun, this was no easy feat. Legacy CPQ systems simply don’t cut it, because they can’t handle complex quoting models. Even if they could, it wouldn't be an intuitive process, because data would still be siloed. 

“If you look at incumbents in this space, their architecture is extremely complicated,” Spinelli said. “Complex custom integrations are required from quoting to billing, and from billing to revenue recognition. I didn’t want those in my architecture, and I don't have a person to build or maintain them.” 

Yet something had to change. The current process was time-consuming and cumbersome, requiring sales reps to perform numerous manual tasks, such as:

  • Using Google Sheets to manage quoting
  • Creating PDFs from the Google Sheet and sending to prospects via DocuSign
  • Entering the quote into NetSuite for invoicing
  • Entering the quote into Salesforce for reporting purposes

This laborious process was prone to mistakes and delayed time to revenue. Vivun set out to find a unified quote-to-revenue solution that would free up the sales team to focus on customers, not quotes and revenue reconciliation tasks.

Enter Subskribe

Subskribe provides a streamlined solution that unifies quoting, billing and revenue recognition with a single platform, eliminating stitched together legacy systems and data silos. The platform is purpose-built for B2B SaaS companies, with the ability to handle complex deal structures such as price ramps. Sales reps can do away with manual spreadsheets, PDFs and multiple systems, and simply do everything with Subskribe.

Subscribe delivers powerful quote-to-revenue automation with the following features:

  • Easy implementation and scalability
  • Intuitive interface eliminates time-consuming manual tasks
  • Support for complex deal structures enable multi-year ramps for subscriptions and upsells
  • Integrated invoicing capabilities to reduce tax liability risk
  • Streamlined integrations with other business-critical systems such as Salesforce and NetSuite
  • A unified solution that reduces system implementation and maintenance overhead

“Before Subskribe, the entire quote-to-revenue process was highly manual and error-prone,” Spinelli said. “Now, we have eliminated the two most time-consuming steps – quoting and invoicing – so that everything is unified and seamless.” 

$500,000 in Savings Off the Bat

With Subskribe, Vivun not only streamlined the quote-to-revenue process, they saved more than $500,000 in implementation costs, since they were able to go live in just four months. In fact, transactions were running smoothly through Subskribe from Day 1 with fewer roadblocks to revenue recognition. Equally important, Vivun’s sales team can now re-allocate time previously wasted on tedious manual tasks towards building and strengthening customer relationships. 

Read the full case study to learn more about how Subskribe is helping Vivun save time and money, and provide exceptional customer experiences with a unified quote-to-revenue solution that’s ideal for SaaS business models.