Subskribe is honored to announce that we’ve been recognized with an incredible 52 awards in G2’s latest Winter Report cycle. Along with a High Performer rating in 17 G2 categories, including CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management, Subskribe was also awarded badges for Best Usability, Best Support, Best Results, and Best Estimated ROI.

The momentum for Subskribe has continued, as we gained 22 additional awards since last quarter and earned an overall 4.92 out of 5 star average rating from users. Additionally, across all of G2, we are ranked the #1 Easiest To Use CPQ Software, the #1 Easiest To Use Revenue Management Software, and the #2 Easiest To Use Subscription Billing Software. One of our core company tenets is to “make hard things easy,” and we’re so proud to see that the results reflect our efforts!

A big thank you to all of our amazing customers for continuing to support Subskribe with feedback and reviews. We strive to make Subskribe the best quote-to-revenue software on the planet, and that wouldn’t be possible without all of our incredible customers and partners.

Subskribe earns the High Performer award in 17 G2 categories

High Performer in 17 Categories

For the fourth consecutive quarter, Subskribe was named a High Performer across multiple G2 categories, including CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management. This quarter, Subskribe added an additional four categories, making a total of 17 categories in which Subskribe was ranked as a High Performer. It’s clear we’re on to something, and our focus is to keep developing our product to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of all of our customers and prospects. 

“Subskribe has helped our team automate what was once a tedious and manual quote-to-revenue process,” said Andrew Boeger, Director of IT at Vivun. “Our sales team can create quotes quickly, easily, and efficiently with Subskribe, without having to deal with manual calculations or spreadsheets. Additionally, our billing process flows seamlessly from our quoting, with no need for any manual reconciliations or true-ups.” 

Subskribe is the #1 easiest-to-use CPQ and Revenue Management Software on G2

#1 Easiest to Use

One particular point of pride is the intuitive nature of the Subskribe platform. Part of the impetus behind our founders starting Subskribe was the fact that all of the existing systems out there looked like they were developed 10+ years ago (and they actually were!). Subskribe takes a modern approach to QTR, and our goal is to make our platform as easy to use as ordering an Uber. 

In this quarter’s G2 reports, Subskribe was again ranked as the #1 Easiest To Use CPQ, #1 Easiest To Use Revenue Management Software, #2 Easiest To Use Subscription Billing Software, and the #1 Most Implementable CPQ. We also received badges for Best Usability, Easiest Setup, and Easiest To Do Business With.

“Subskribe is incredibly fast to use — whether it’s creating or approving a difficult quote, or running downstream finance processes,” said Kwan Hong Lee, CTO at Lasso MD. “I can rely on it to be correct to the cent, and really intuitive. I am really happy with this product that's so advanced yet so simple to use.”

Subskribe is #1 in results for CPQ and Revenue Management on G2

Best Results, Best Estimated ROI, and Users Most Likely To Recommend

At the end of the day, we want Subskribe to drive the best results for your team. It isn’t good enough to be easier to use or easiest to implement. We want Subskribe to deliver insane ROI, and thus far our customers have let us know that this is absolutely the case for them. 

In G2’s Winter Report, Subskribe was named #1 in results for CPQ, #1 in results for Revenue Management, and #2 in results for Subscription Billing, along with earning badges for Best Estimated ROI, Best Results, and Users Most Likely To Recommend. Our customers Vivun saved over $500K in implementation costs with Subskribe, BigID reduced their implementation costs by 90%, and Beamery saved over $200K in additional staffing costs. Check the tape — we’re getting real results for our customers.

“Without Subskribe, we would have had to hire engineers to build the integrations as well as an IT engineer — and that can be very expensive," said Kevin Spinelli, VP Finance at Vivun. "And if you don’t hire the right person, you lose all that investment in onboarding and training. Subskribe’s end-to-end architecture is simple to implement and maintain, saving us multiple headcounts.”

Subskribe is rated 4.92 out of 5 stars on G2

Why Customers Choose Subskribe

Through G2’s quarterly reports and reviews, we let our customers do the talking. And time and time again, they’ve said that Subskribe is easy to use, easy to implement, and generates incredible ROI. With an average rating of 4.92 out of 5 stars, 52 badges including the Users Love Us award, Subskribe is clearly a favorite quote-to-revenue choice among innovative B2B SaaS companies. 

If you’d like to learn more about how customers are leveraging Subskribe to accelerate revenue, eliminate manual reconciliation, and streamline operations, check out our latest customer stories and our G2 reviews. If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into our product, take a look at our demo videos or book a meeting with our team!