For the third straight quarter, Subskribe was recognized by G2 in its quarterly report cycle, this time with a mind-blowing 30 awards, including Best Results, Best Support, Easiest To Use, Most Implementable, and Easiest Setup. Subskribe is also proud to be honored as a High Performer in 13 G2 categories, including CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management.

None of this would be possible without the support and feedback from our amazing customers, whom we partner closely with to make our product experience better each and every day. Thanks to our incredible customers, we’re thrilled to have earned the Users Love Us award, in addition to receiving an average rating of 4.91 out of 5 stars.

Subskribe gained 9 additional awards this quarter over last, as well as being included in 10 new G2 reports. We’re so excited to be ranked #1 in the Usability Index for both CPQ and Revenue Management, #1 in the Relationship Index for Revenue Management, #1 in the Results Index for CPQ, #1 in the Implementation Index for CPQ, and #2 in the Usability and Relationship Indices for Subscription Billing. Overall, Subskribe was ranked #1 in 107 scoring categories across CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management. 

Subskribe Earns High Performer in G2 Fall 2023 Reports

High Performer in 13 Categories

Subskribe was named a High Performer across 13 G2 categories this fall, including CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management. This is the third consecutive quarter Subskribe has earned the High Performer recognition, which is a testament to our commitment to making quote-to-revenue easy, not hard, and providing the best customer experience in the market.

Our customers recognize Subskribe as the leader in quote-to-revenue, being the first in the market to provide a truly unified platform across CPQ, billing, and revenue recognition and continuing to focus tirelessly on serving the needs of innovative B2B SaaS businesses. "Subskribe’s kill zone is B2B SaaS," said Matt Darrow, CEO and Co-Founder of Vivun. "And that focus on making B2B SaaS really successful is what allows them to ignore all of the other features and add-ons that tend to stretch these systems well beyond their product-market fit. Subskribe’s simplicity — the quote is the order is the invoice is the revenue — allows us to get the value, agility, and results that we were hoping for."

Subskribe Earns Easiest To Use Award in G2 Fall 2023 Reports

#1 Easiest to Use

When we set out to revolutionize the quote-to-revenue space, one of our primary objectives was to make a modern application that was easy and delightful to use. We all know what it feels like using some of the legacy systems out there. The experience is quite a stretch from the consumer apps we’re used to on our phones and tablets. With Subskribe, we endeavored to create a robust, enterprise platform that was also modern and intuitive — no training or certifications needed. Just open the app and go! 

That’s why we’re so happy we’ve been recognized as the #1 easiest to use CPQ, #1 easiest to use Revenue Management Software, #2 easiest to use Subscription Billing Software, and the #1 most implementable CPQ in G2’s Fall 2023 Reports. We were also awarded the Easiest To Use, Best Usability, and Best Meets Requirements badges in the Usability Index, and the Easiest Setup and Most Implementable badges in the Implementation Index.

“The ease of use really exceeded my expectations,” said Matt Woodfin, Revenue Operations Manager at Monograph. “It’s dead simple; I can give it to anyone on the team, and they’re able to navigate the platform in just a few minutes. From the approval workflows to getting it pushed to DocuSign in just a few clicks — it just works.”

Subskribe Earns Best Results Award in G2 Fall 2023 Reports

Best Support, Best Results, and Easiest to do Business With

As a customer of Subskribe, you’ll get our very best. From the software we create to the interactions with our success team, we want our customers to thrive with Subskribe!

Our laser focus on our customers has led to some amazing recognition, including being named #1 in results for CPQ and #1 in relationship for Revenue Management. Subskribe was also awarded the Best Results, Best Support, Easiest To Do Business With, and Best Relationship badges across CPQ, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management categories.

“The support from Subskribe has been absolutely perfect, and turnaround has always been extremely quick,” said Cédric Kubicki, Director of FP&A at Beamery. “With two senior domain experts replying to my questions at any time, I feel like I’m getting white glove service with Subskribe.”

Subskribe Earns Users Love Us Award in G2 Fall 2023 Reports

Why Customers Choose Subskribe

We’re grateful to all of our amazing customers for helping to recognize Subskribe in the latest G2 Fall Reports. With an astounding 30 awards, including the Users Love Us badge, along with a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, we are so happy that customers are finding success with our quote-to-revenue solution. We’ll continue to charge ahead, innovate in this space, and make hard things easy for our fantastic customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how customers are leveraging Subskribe to accelerate revenue, eliminate manual reconciliation, and streamline operations, check out our latest customer stories and our G2 reviews. If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into our product, take a look at our demo videos or book a meeting with our team!