At Subskribe, we’re big believers in making hard things easy. We’ve streamlined the way sales and finance teams quote, bill, and recognize revenue with the first unified quote-to-revenue platform. To make things even easier for sales teams, today, we’re introducing Subskribe Sales Room, an intuitive and interactive digital sales room experience. 

While Subskribe CPQ makes it insanely simple to create a complex enterprise sales quote, Subskribe Sales Room takes it a step further. With Sales Room, we’ve made it incredibly easy for reps to work hand-in-hand with prospects to modify and customize a deal that will close in record time.

As we all know, time kills all deals, and if you’re sending out a quote and just waiting for feedback from the prospect, there’s a good chance your deal could die on the vine. Sales Room remedies this issue and adds a touch of collaboration as well. While reps can be more proactive in deal negotiations, prospects can also react more rapidly and take an active part in crafting a win-win deal.

What can you do with Subskribe Sales Room?

With Subskribe Sales Room, sales teams can collaborate with prospects through a fully customizable web-based sales room tailored to fit your brand. Sales Room eliminates the frustrations of back and forth emails and calls and allows both reps and prospects to build a great deal together in real time.

With Subskribe Sales Room, businesses can:

  • Collaborate on deals, empowering prospects with the ability to work with Sales as the deal is built and adjust deal details including billing and contact information.
  • Showcase a branded experience, with customizable colors, fonts, and themes to put your business’s best foot forward.
  • Share key collateral, from case studies to marketing guides to MSAs. Sales Room allows sales teams to deliver the critical content that can help educate prospects and push deals to close.
  • Measure engagement and see when, what, and for how long prospects are interacting with critical deal details. Better anticipate concerns and focus on what prospects are actually interested in.
  • Close quickly with e-signature by allowing prospects to designate the correct signatory and initiate signature directly from Sales Room.

What problems does Subskribe Sales Room solve?

Subskribe Sales Room provides a natural extension of the selling process, filling the gap between quote generation and close. No longer do reps need to rely on the fallibility of email or phone calls, or, worse yet, face the eventual closed lost deal due to prolonged ghosting. With Sales Room, sales teams can work in tandem with prospects and present their brand in a compelling way.

  • Reduce friction in sales communication. When prospects are evaluating vendors, the vendor that provides the easiest path to purchase is likely going to be the one that wins. If it’s hard for a prospect to get information or there are delays in communication, it will be that much harder to close that prospect. Sales Room removes the frustration of back and forth communication and provides an interactive, real-time collaboration platform.
  • Eliminate disjointed file sharing. Make it easier on prospects by delivering a centralized repository of key collateral. Instead of having prospects hunt for the right PDF or PowerPoint presentation in their email inboxes, Sales Room allows reps to deliver the right content at the right time, all in a single hub.
  • Provide a captivating brand experience. First impressions count, and with some prospects, you’ll only get one chance at it. With Sales Room, you can create a tailored brand experience, specific to each prospect. Show only the information that is applicable to your prospect, all in a beautiful and on-brand interactive web experience. 
  • Equip sales teams with the right data. Instead of taking a stab in the dark and having your sales team talk about deal details that the prospect may or may not be interested in, empower your reps with precise engagement data. Is a quote gaining traction and being viewed more frequently? Is a prospect particularly interested in a specific product data sheet? Answers to these questions and more can help your rep sell with pinpoint accuracy. 

Sales Room is just the latest product rollout from Subskribe that makes life easier for sales, finance, and revenue operations teams. By removing friction and hassle from the selling process, Sales Room can accelerate deals, deliver a personalized customer experience, and provide reps with crucial data and intent signals. If you’d like to take a closer look at Subskribe Sales Room, book a meeting with us for a personalized demo.